Welcome to the new(ish) lozdesignz site

Welcome. I am loz, and this site is lozdesignz (or, designs by loz; get it?).

lozdesignz was formerly a web design and computer services site; since that’s no longer quite appropriate as its reason to exist, I’m in the midst of re-purposing and re-designing the site.

At this point in time I plan for this site to serve as my space to blog and consider design and crafty-type ideas, since these have always been of interest to me in ways other than just web design.

The site will progress and be designed and developed as I go, so the start (and much if not most of the continuation) will primarily be written blogs. This page will be where posts relating to creative ideas and endeavours (the ‘designz’ part of lozdesignz) will live, while more personal entries will be found on my personal blog.

lozwordz : mostly appropriate was the name of my original personal blog. I’ve considered and rejected various potential names for my new blog. In the end I decided that since what I post will still be chatty, rather random blogs of lozwordz that are mostly appropriate about my life generally, the newer blog really is just a continuation of the old.

So, old friends and new can click to visit the new lozwordz : mostly appropriate too, if interested in checking it out. I will likely bring the archive of the older mostly appropriate blog over to this site as well, in the near(ish) future.

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